A Creative Approach to Revoking OpenPGP Subkeys

I was sitting down with my devices this evening to check how my OpenPGP keys were set up to make sure all of them are functioning okay and will do what I need whenever I would need them. Save for the fact that I took a plunge a month back and began a transition to using ECC (its compatibility isn’t like RSA’s across OpenPGP implementations, plus I’m using Curve25519 for encryption, which GnuPG provides but isn’t in OpenPGP’s RFC) everything looked fine, until I thought about what would happen if I lose my device.

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Wow, I’ve Flown A Lot!

Wow, I’ve Flown A Lot!

It’s strange to look over my cumulative time flying as a passenger and as a working cabin crew member. Sometimes the time really flies by, and other times it’s like a crawl. There’s many times I can’t even put into words how much I’ve actually flown over my lifetime. But! Data is beautiful, ne?

I can’t help but feel humbled by the opportunities my job has given me. Not only have I finally put faces and voices to friends I’ve only previously known through text, but I’ve also seen a ton. That being said, not too much since a lot of my work flying is concentrated pretty much in the United States, but there are a few outliers there. Oh, and there’s nothing like getting a surprise overnight or two in Japan, or a trip to Belgium with your best friend, or laughs in the United Kingdom over beer, or days in the Philippines to celebrate and mourn with loved ones. Oftentimes I get so gosh-darn tired of not being at home, but I’m hoping that I get to expand the list of places–and people–I meet as long as I continue to work.

Have I learned anything during my travels? Well…

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A Letter of #UnitedFrustration to @United Airlines

Dear United Airlines

My name is Don Geronimo. I was told Thursday evening 2/4/2016 that my grandmother, of which I now only have one grandparent living, is dead. I booked UA881 immediately after.

I’ve never been able to pay respects to any of my grandparents from all sides of my family, but I was really counting on UA881 to fly me to her so that, for once in my life I could actually be there for my family to send off our loved ones. I live in Minneapolis, MN, so I got myself on the earliest Spirit flight to Chicago just so I could make UA881. It was the only flight I could afford at such short notice.

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Traveller Tips for the London Tube

Traveller Tips for the London Tube

The London Underground is a very convenient way of getting around London for a very convenient price. It’s also quite overwhelming if you’re not prepared. After spending a week in London, I’ve become intimately familiar with using the Tube. Sometimes it’s still a little difficult, but there are ways to make the experience much smoother and much more comfortable.

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Copy and Paste OneDrive (Cloud Only) Photos from Windows 10’s Photos App to File Explorer

Copy and Paste OneDrive (Cloud Only) Photos from Windows 10’s Photos App to File Explorer

I stumbled upon this late at night while I was working on my portfolio. None of my photos are synced on my Surface Pro through OneDrive, though my photos and videos show on Windows 10’s Photos app. I’m able to–pretty seamlessly I might add–copy a photo that I want to work on or edit and paste it into File Explorer.

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