A Letter of #UnitedFrustration to @United Airlines

Dear United Airlines

My name is Don Geronimo. I was told Thursday evening 2/4/2016 that my grandmother, of which I now only have one grandparent living, is dead. I booked UA881 immediately after.

I’ve never been able to pay respects to any of my grandparents from all sides of my family, but I was really counting on UA881 to fly me to her so that, for once in my life I could actually be there for my family to send off our loved ones. I live in Minneapolis, MN, so I got myself on the earliest Spirit flight to Chicago just so I could make UA881. It was the only flight I could afford at such short notice.

As you may know, UA881 was cancelled yesterday, after trying once to take off but a warning light came on, once more trying to take off with the same issue, a pull to the gate to check the equipment, another pull for a flight deck change, and then the eventual cancellation because the pilot has worked too long. The span of time this took was from boarding until about 4 PM Central Standard Time. We were compensated with hotel and food vouchers, but nothing would compensate the time and worry sustained having to drop everything to get to a wake and funeral, and ultimately not making it.

We’ve been rescheduled on UA2030 Saturday, 2/6/2015. Our flight was supposed to depart at 10. It is now 12:05 PM Central Standard Time as I write this and we’ve had baggage delays because TSA required to check our bags again from holding, and then, just before takeoff, we had to return to the gate because the wrong baggage was loaded. You’ve sent a customer service representative to talk with people who have requests. I don’t even know what to ask for, especially now that the last flight to Tokyo Narita from United has left ORD.

All your staff on the plane has performed well and amicably. But what compensation do I ask for? I don’t even know if there’s anything that can be done. I am more lost now than when I learned of my grandmother’s death. I just want to get where I need to be, to support family, to pay my respects with family–not to have to pay respects alone and later, as was the pattern in my life. This flight is eventually taking off again. And it will try again. I have no recourse but to hope I will get to my final destination. Until then, I just want someone from United Airlines to understand my frustrations and sadness and the #UnitedFrustrations of all the passengers of 2/5 UA881 and 2/6 UA2030.

Doing his best to keep kind and calm, yet hiding sadness and tears inside,

Don Geronimo, 2/5 UA881 34H, 2/6 UA2030 34H

Traveller Tips for the London Tube

Traveller Tips for the London Tube

The London Underground is a very convenient way of getting around London for a very convenient price. It’s also quite overwhelming if you’re not prepared. After spending a week in London, I’ve become intimately familiar with using the Tube. Sometimes it’s still a little difficult, but there are ways to make the experience much smoother and much more comfortable.

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Copy and Paste OneDrive (Cloud Only) Photos from Windows 10’s Photos App to File Explorer

Copy and Paste OneDrive (Cloud Only) Photos from Windows 10’s Photos App to File Explorer

I stumbled upon this late at night while I was working on my portfolio. None of my photos are synced on my Surface Pro through OneDrive, though my photos and videos show on Windows 10’s Photos app. I’m able to–pretty seamlessly I might add–copy a photo that I want to work on or edit and paste it into File Explorer.

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Emotions Are Emotions; Nothing More

Emotions Are Emotions; Nothing More

I suffer from depressive episodes from time to time. It’s a terrible thing that caused–and can still cause–selfishness, self-inflicted loneliness, unmindful actions, and awfully strong and uncontrollable feelings in my life. My episodes used to be extremely bad, but now bad episodes rarely appear.

You can’t stop bad emotions completely, and I don’t think it’s healthy (or realistic) to think that bad emotions would, or should, never come again. However, I think it’s important to remember that no matter how bad emotions may be, emotions are emotions; nothing more.

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Trust Your Productivity System, or Don’t Have One At All

Trust Your Productivity System, or Don’t Have One At All

The mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

David Allen

There is much information on productivity systems that tackle the pains that impede productivity: control your day with Getting Things Done, work with time instead of against time with The Pomodoro Technique, tackle e-mail overload with Inbox Zero, and blogs with dedicated productivity sections like LifeHacker’s GTD section. Information about productivity-improving tools is everywhere and very easy to find.

However many systems you decide to try, you won’t become any more productive than you already are if you don’t trust your productivity system; you might as well have no system at all than put in the energy to add a system you don’t trust to use.

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