OpenPGP Key Signing Policy

As of 2018-04-13, I have I have transitioned my OpenPGP Key Signing Policy from OneDrive and here to my Keybase public files.

About Keybase

From Wikipedia: Keybase is a key directory that maps social media identities to encryption keys (including, but not limited to PGP keys) in a publicly auditable manner. Keybase offers an end-to-end encrypted chat and cloud storage system, called Keybase Chat and the Keybase filesystem respectively. Files placed in the public portion of the filesystem are served from a public endpoint, as well as locally from a filesystem mounted by the Keybase client.

As of 2018-04-13, I have transitioned my OpenPGP Key Signing Policy from OneDrive and to my Keybase public files. Its feature of identity proofs allow me to prove a link, cryptographically, between my PGP keys, my social media accounts, my website, and my authorized Keybase devices. The system will check the proofs automatically, or you may check the relevant proofs manually. In short, any activity on Keybase can be proved to be done by the account ‘sentamalin’ on Keybase or any of the proven identity assertions (Twitter, Reddit, Github, Hackernews, Facebook, my website, and any future assertions) provided by the service. Because my PGP keys are also proven on Keybase, signing my keys will not only help build my PGP Web of Trust to prove that this key is owned by me, but will also help assert that I (Don San Juan Geronimo) am ‘sentamalin.’

All files dropped into the public portion of Keybase are signed by my authorized device keys. As such, my Signing Policy has been signed by one of my Keybase authorized devices in addition to my PGP keys.

I invite you to create a Keybase account of your own as another complement to your privacy tools. If you create, or already have, an account, please verify my proofs and ‘follow’ me on Keybase. Following is like taking a signed snapshot of my identity using your private key on Keybase, thus verifying that I am me. Following is not a web of trust; my identity can be proved even if there are no followers. However, more followers means more confidence in my identity.